CBD oil is completely legal in the US

The sale and distribution of hemp oil products is 100% legal in all fifty states. It is completely legal to own CBD oils, and there are currently no restrictions on where it can be used, for either the tinctures or the vapors. This is precisely why so many people are putting down their nicotine cigarettes and picking up hemp oil vape oils and products.

The emissions are a lot less harmful to both the ‘smoker’ and those around them, and the absence of nicotine prevents users from becoming addicted to the CBD oils. Yet, even in spite of the fact that there is no THC inside Hemp based products, users will still experience a feeling of calm and relaxation after vaping or applying the cannabis oil to their skin.

As there is no THC in these products, a person can use them and still pass a drug test. To reiterate, the use of hemp products is 100% legal. Plus, all of the hemp used to make the CBD oils is grown on legally authorized farms, in India. The THC is removed via a sophisticated extraction process, and the almost pure CBD oil is then imported into the US. Once there, it is delivered to a state of the art laboratory, where it is turned into commercially viable tinctures and vapors.

There is no need to have a medical card or permit to own, sell, or distribute products. Similarly, it must be said that the hemp based products are legally categorized as a health supplement, and have therefore not been assessed or approved by the FDA. It is the responsibility of consumers and vendors to do their own research on the prospective health benefits of CBD oils.